Our 100-day incubation program starting in March

We build new businesses to make radical improvements

We remain committed to shaping a sustainable future based on the power of entrepreneurialism, technology, and innovation as they hold the keys to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.
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Together towards a sustainable future
As Next Big Thing grows, so too does our responsibility. We have a long-standing commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals to support peace and prosperity for people and the planet. Our core contribution is to create a positive technological impact at scale, primarily through the following SDGs:
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    Rethink and redesign

    We must rethink how we build companies to solve some of the most demanding global challenges. With our proven venture-building process, we want to challenge the status quo to maximize economic outcomes and generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact.

    We know that we need a multitude of impactful solutions to solve this complex problem. This is why we are building an ecosystem around our technology platform to raise awareness of climate change globally and inspire positive action to support decarbonization in any company for any vertical to implement change on a large scale. Our ecosystem comprises sustainability experts, scientists, business leaders, investors, and proactive employees that define change daily.

    How we're doing

    We're honest with our data and moving in the right direction, but we know we have more work that needs to be done.

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    Gregor Janknecht
    Gregor Janknecht
    CFO at Next Big Thing AG
    We build a social impact venture once a year
    We want to harness collaboration for social good and collaboratively tackle some of the most challenging global issues by launching one high-impact venture every year to accelerate positive social and environmental change around the world.
    Open innovation challenge (specific SDG focus area)
    Collaborative process and worldwide idea submission
    Voting and idea refinement with selected team
    Incubation of pure social impact venture
    Our sustainable impact
    In the coming months, we will launch more initiatives to positively influence society and the environment, not only with our portfolio companies but on a company-wide level.
    • Environment
      Image for Planting trees for every newly founded venture
      Planting trees for every newly founded venture
      We plant 300 trees for every successful venture that is spun out after our three-month NBT Visionaries incubation program. The founders can decide on the type of tree and the plantation project themselves.
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