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We’re here for technical inclusion, launching trailblazing businesses, and positively impact the world
Our comprehensive approach to venture creation brings together people from all different professional disciplines to collaboratively shape impact-driven businesses. We are examples of a culture that values innovation, technology, and an entrepreneurial mindset.
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    We let go and think afresh, ask questions, be interested, never stop learning to innovate and elevate.

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    Set your own limits

    Support and mobility to steer your career forward and into new roles.

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Meet the people who shape our ventures and identity, making them our most significant assets. Learn more about the type of people we’re looking for:

Yilmaz Ugurlu
Software Geek
Ana Rivas Molina
Number Cruncher
Dennis Tat
Design Wizard
Venture Developers
Anita Dordic
Outside The Box Thinker
Follow your passion and lead a movement
Building the next big thing is what we do. We are motivated, inspired, and empowered by it. We are finding technical solutions to global issues that benefit people, communities, and industries. Develop your skill set, get exposure, and work with other excellent individuals to share ideas in a setting where everyone has a voice, and you can lead by example.
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We’re always searching for top talent to join our portfolio companies or us. If you’re ready to build the future, look no further and apply for a job today!
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