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Innovation at scale

By decoupling innovation from legacy products and processes, we help organizations identify, validate, and scale category-defining new products and businesses more rapidly.

  • Build new scalable products
  • Unlock new markets or industries
  • Develop new digital business models
  • Implement new technologies
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Launch your solution - in under 4 months
Launch your solution - in under 4 months

Our powerful AIoT platform, high-capacity network, and a team of experts work together to realize your vision faster. We simplify the implementation of new business models and accelerate time-to-market to build solutions that scale with your business.

How it works in 3 simple steps
Step 1
Be a challenger
Rapidly design, and test new disruptive business models and prototypes.
Step 2
Launch businesses
We apply rigorous processes to push your proof of concept to a thriving joint venture.
Step 3
Innovate at scale
Sustain growth beyond launch by scaling your innovation on our AIoT platform.
Rapid and proven product development
Rapid and proven product development
Get it assembled by tech experts
Our team of trained engineering specialists delivers your idea efficiently, on time, and without the errors usually associated with tailor-made hardware and software development.
Starting from scratch is overrated
Our platform covers 70% of all requirements to allow lower economic barriers. We have developed those building blocks already, and you can fit them together however you like.
Stay in control the entire time
View the quick, cost-effective, and successful road to market from your dashboard and have milestone sessions with your team to ensure what gets delivered is exactly what you want.
Sven O. Rimmelspacher
Sven O. Rimmelspacher
Managing Director of Pickert & Partner GmbH
Get going quickly with our solutions
E2E digital businesses
We apply our rigorous and proven venture-building process to drive you from idea to scale.
Speed up time to market with a top-rated engineering team and one point of contact.
De-risk your development
Scaling from a proof of concept to commercial, scalable deployment has never been so easy.
ML for any use case
Fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows enable faster decision-making.
Focus on your data
Our platform securely integrates edge devices, networks, and cloud APIs into a single solution.
Peace of mind provided with future-proof solutions that last the entire product life cycle.
  • E2E digital businesses
    We apply our rigorous and proven venture-building process to drive you from idea to scale.
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