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AIoT can enable local and commercial farming to be more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and production efficient. Use cases include: precision farming, livestock monitoring, irrigation control, automated drones for farm surveys, field mapping, and crop spraying.


AIoT helps streamline operations and promote strategic growth to improve chemical production, asset utilization, and higher revenue. Use cases include: remote material monitoring, quality assurance, asset management, energy management, and predictive maintenance.


AIoT has excellent potential for increasing productivity and operational efficiency and enhancing on-site safety. Use cases include: just-in-time (JIT) provisioning, tools & equipment tracking, concrete curing, remote operations & activity monitoring, and building information modeling.

Food & Beverage

AIoT helps food and beverage companies to provide higher quality products for end consumers while maintaining operational efficiency. Use cases include: food safety, inventory management systems, processing improvements, packaging, and reduced spoilage.


AIoT can monitor health vitals, route data, provide alerts, administer medications and automate critical processes. Use cases include: remote patient care, drug management, intelligent beds and diapers, hand hygiene monitoring, connected inhalers, and independent living.


AIoT has excellent potential for increasing public safety and optimizing high-speed rail, highways, bridges, and other multi-modal networks. Use cases include: intelligent parking, noise mapping, smart lighting control, air pollution monitoring, and response management systems.


AIoT applications track and shape supply chains in real-time to streamline processes and increase customer satisfaction. Use cases include: track and trace, predictive maintenance, inventory tracking and warehousing, last-mile delivery innovations, and drone-based delivery.


AIoT helps to improve asset management and productivity and correct common human errors, especially those related to quality control and sustainability. Use cases include: remote monitoring of production, OEE, quality control, digital twins, and workforce efficiency.

Real Estate

AIoT helps to control buildings and home systems to enable rational resource usage. Use cases include: facility-automation and monitoring for building systems (HVAC, lighting, elevators, smoke alarms), building utilization, and security (room use, access, surveillance).


AIoT has excellent potential to transform passenger experiences, enhance productivity, and boost profits. Use cases include: real-time fleet management, traffic management, public transport management, ticketing, driver activity monitoring, and fuel consumption analysis.

Utilities & Energy

AIoT applications offer a gateway to smarter grids, greener energy production, and better customer relations. Use cases include: solar and wind monitoring, field operations, water monitoring, residential demand response, and drone-based inspection of large power plants.

Maximize your AIoT potential
Increase efficiency
Automate and optimize OEE by combining manufacturing assets with embedded sensors, advanced analytics, AI, and cognitive computing.
Derive insights
Access large sets of high-quality historical data from existing equipment that enables the training of ML algorithms and leads to new data models.
Improve quality
Generate digital intelligence across the entire value stream to reduce asset downtime and optimize production scheduling and processes.
Accelerate innovation
Scale to new markets, improve throughput and unlock service-oriented business models that drive new revenue streams and adaption.
Maximize flexibility
Improve manufacturing variabilization with M2M communication protocols, digital twin technology, and ML algorithms to be more flexible and agile.
Upgrade skills
Use predictive maintenance and AI to automate labor-intensive processes and make workflows more efficient to reskill teams for future jobs.
  • Increase efficiency
    Automate and optimize OEE by combining manufacturing assets with embedded sensors, advanced analytics, AI, and cognitive computing.
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