NBT Develops Joint Venture ZERO defects

Next Big Thing AG and about ZERO UG Develop Joint Venture ZERO defects
  • Berlin-based venture studio and highly specialized software manufacturer enable zero-defect production
  • Complete process validation with cloud-based apps
  • NBT proudly launches its next joint venture with a corporate partner

Berlin, November 22, 2021 – Berlin-based venture studio Next Big Thing AG (NBT) spins out a full process assurance company: ZERO defects. With the help of platform-supported and cloud-based apps, the new company enables zero-defect production. ZERO defects is NBT's seventeenth venture and after Sensry, a company that manufactures IoT sensors and chips, it is the second joint venture that NBT has successfully founded together with a corporate partner.

Many companies lose billions of euros due to errors in production each year. Therefore, it is important to detect them at an early stage, and where possible, to avoid them completely. This is where ZERO defects comes in. Companies can use the solution to safeguard their production processes, permanently avoid production defects, and track every manufactured product in a tamper-proof and transparent manner across company boundaries. ZERO defects delivers a product that is ready for immediate use.

As a result, manufacturing companies can move step-by-step toward zero-defect production. In this way, they increase their competitiveness and reduce their costs. This is achieved with the help of platform-supported and cloud-based apps and the possibility of standardized communication in manufacturing companies. The solution is easy and intuitive to use, features maximum integration capability (IoS, IoT, MicroServices), and is based on an agile and iterative process model. Each process in the value chain can be secured with all its influencing variables.

ZERO defects can be used as a standalone service or as an integrated add-on service for various ecosystems. Examples of such data ecosystems exist among providers of ERP or MES systems or leading platform providers. However, there is also a special focus on data-sovereign ecosystems based on GAIA-X such as CATENA-X for the automotive industry.

NBT Investment, Expertise, and Network

The two shareholders NBT and about ZERO create optimal synergies for the new spin-off. As a venture studio, NBT brings extensive experience in venture building for B2B IoT companies. It also contributes capital, expertise, and development toolkits that a young startup requires. In doing so, NBT acts as an investor and also offers deep industry expertise and access to an expanding global network.

"We are excited to bring our expertise in IoT company building to ZERO defects and also launch another joint venture with a corporate partner. Defects in production are ubiquitous and it is time to address the challenge with today’s available digital technologies so that one day there will be only defect-free products. ZERO defects is the next step towards exactly this zero-defect production," says Harald Zapp, CEO of NBT.

Full Quality Management

The idea behind ZERO defects first originated with the software manufacturer Pickert & Partner GmbH, which in the meantime has set itself up as a group of companies under one holding company. The parent company of the group is about ZERO UG, to which ZERO defects also belongs. The company brings decades of experience to the table in quality management software. It was in this environment that the concept of ZERO defects was born and has already been tested and used by customers.

ZERO defects CEO Daniel Reinhardt has already successfully developed and launched several industrial cloud products: "With ZERO defects, companies have the chance to avoid known defects and to detect all unknown ones early in the process so that they do not reach the customer. In this way, companies save a lot of money and can rule out defects in advance. With NBT, we have found the right partner who understands and expands our technological expertise and complements it with their know-how on the subject of startups," says Reinhardt.

Sven O. Rimmelspacher, Managing Director of about ZERO UG and Pickert & Partner GmbH, explains: "I am pleased that we are now spinning off our innovation, which we have developed over several years, as a separate company together with Next Big Thing AG. We have already received several awards and much praise for ZERO defects in the past. So it is now a logical next step to give this product its own framework. With NBT as a venture studio, we have found an experienced partner with whom we can successfully implement this project under the leadership of our CEO Daniel Reinhardt."

About Next Big Thing AG

Founded in 2016 in Berlin, Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is a venture studio for the Machine Economy that co-founds deep-tech ventures with aspiring founders to deliver real-world impact. With its comprehensive portfolio of startups in IoT, AI, and DLT, NBT provides long-term support for B2B companies, including the full range of development toolkits, innovation strategies, mentoring for entrepreneurs and startups, as well as technical expertise and smart financing to future-proof Germany's position as an innovation location in Europe.

About ZERO defects

ZERO defects GmbH is a joint venture of about ZERO UG and Next Big Thing AG. The company enables its users with cloud-based applications, zero-defect production, as well as the next generation and traceability of digital twins. For more information, visit www.zerodefects.com.

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