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Application is now open until January 15, 2023

Join our Batch of NBT Visionaries, a three-month deep tech incubation program by Next Big Thing. We provide up to €125,000 for each startup that we build with you.
interconnected devices by 2025, meaning almost every object around us (e.g. streetlights, thermostats, cars)
of generated IoT data by 2025, 
this vast level of data can be used to unlock new levels of intelligence
will be the global AI market by 2030, and it will grow by over 13x over the next decade with a CAGR of 38.1%
Powering thousand of possible B2B use cases
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  • Optimized energy consumption

    Networked turbines built on wind farms can share information about changing wind conditions, make real-time adjustments to control their speed blade position for maximum power production, and sell surplus energy to the community.

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Our focus areas include
Industrial IoT
AI, ML & Big Data
Smart Infrastructure
Edge Computing
Robotics & Automation
M2M Communication
DLT & Blockchain
Building Analysis
We're looking for individuals that
Have a professional experience in a vertical segment with extensive market knowledge and potential targets.
Are collaborative and passionate leaders who are not afraid to fail but instead try and learn from the impossible.
Have the consistency and perseverance to launch, grow, and scale sustainable technology-enabled businesses.
Are equally flexible and understand digital collaboration as we operate mainly remotely throughout the time
What to expect

We are here to be your dream co-founder. We’ll help you navigate the idea maze, provide resources to accelerate concept validation, invest starting capital, and build your next-generation business model with multiple in-house experts. We also serve as a continuous thought partner as you prepare for launch.

Stage 1
Deep Dive

Define your industry challenge and conduct rigorous, in-depth market and user research to uncover pain points and white space opportunities around the area or sector you are interested in.

Capital and funding
Deal Terms
€125k provided for initial runway capital (at incorporation)
9-12 months of hands-on support from our venture studio team
Up to €500k total investment available through institutional seed round
Increased chances of securing further investment rounds from NBT investors


Selection steps - Application deadline: January 15, 2023
Step 1

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application format. Check our FAQs for more information.

Step 2

We will review all applications carefully and reach out to schedule an interview if there is potential fit.

Step 3

We will respond with a decision prior to launching and will onboard enrolled founders to the program.