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The NBT Visionaries program gives remarkable founders a playground to rapidly validate their idea and build the next generation of ventures in the Machine Economy.
What is in for you?
As technical co-founder we give you an unfair edge from day one
Validate, build and scale your deep tech company at lightning-speed
Tailored guidance through hands-on coaching & masterclasses
Get expert product, design, sales, and engineering support
Gain access to top-tier talent, advisors, and industry partners
Receive up to €2M of total investment and in-house services
Taking off into the Machine Economy

We partner with bold founders to design, build and scale new IoT and AI-powered business models to unlock tremendous value in the following four search fields:

  • Taking off into the Machine Economy
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  • Digital excellence in industrial manufacturing

    Are you envisioning empowering global manufacturing and industrial companies to streamline, simplify, digitize, and/or automate their production and service organization?

    Build smart solutions in areas such as:

    • Connected manufacturing
    • Robotic control & production automation
    • Digital knowledge management
    • Digital after-sales
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interconnected devices by 2025, meaning almost every object around us (e.g. streetlights, thermostats, cars)
of generated IoT data by 2025, 
this vast level of data can be used to unlock new levels of intelligence
will be the global AI market by 2030, and it will grow by over 13x over the next decade with a CAGR of 38.1%
We are looking for entrepreneurial talents who want to turn their tech idea into reality
We support seasoned industry experts & entrepreneurs as well as ambitious graduates at the beginning of their deep tech venture journey - even before the company is founded. Bold individuals, not afraid to fail and eager to learn. Passionate leaders who drive and inspire teams. Comfortable in a remote setting as you can join the program from all over the world.
  • Have you just graduated and want to start your own business?
  • Do you need support on the way to start-up, technical and financial support, and the right network?

We guide you through the whole journey and provide you with hands-on support and runway capital.

Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Are you a seasoned entrepreneur looking for a technical co-founder for your next startup idea?
  • Do you want to expand your network in the industry?
  • Do you need to acquire technical proficiency?

We act as your technical co-founder and build and scale your product with you.

Industry Experts
  • Do you have deep vertical expertise and are interested in developing a solution for a real-life industry challenge that you have observed?
  • Do you need support in user experience design, marketing and sales?

We got you covered with our strong network of first-class mentors and in-house teams.

Our selection criteria
Founder Mindset
  • Ownership You have a rocksteady will to succeed and are fully committed to your idea.
  • Entrepreneurial Drive You have an innovative mind, a bias to action, and are impact-driven.
  • Humility & Resilience You are able to overcome obstacles and learn from your failures.
  • Teamwork & Leadership You like collaborating, inspiring, and convincing others to join your mission.
  • Big Vision You can easily picture the short and long-term goals of your business.
Bold IoT and AI Ideas
  • Ready to take off You are ready to take off with us into the machine economy with your innovative solution.
  • Shaping tomorrow You address the B2B challenges of tomorrow, e.g., in the industries of industrial manufacturing, energy, real estate, warehousing, and supply chain.
  • Rapid validation Your idea is at an early stage, and you want to go with us through concept validation and rapid prototyping.
  • Solving Problems You want to address a significant problem and address a huge market potential. 
What to expect

We are here to be your dream co-founder. We’ll help you navigate the idea maze, provide resources to accelerate concept validation, invest starting capital, and build your next-generation business model with multiple in-house experts. We also serve as a continuous thought partner as you prepare for launch.

Stage 1
Stage 1
Deep Dive

Define your industry challenge and conduct rigorous, in-depth market and user research to uncover pain points and white space opportunities around the area or sector you are interested in.

Capital and funding
Deal Terms
€75k provided for initial runway capital (at incorporation)
9-12 months of hands-on venture, product and tech support (worth €1.6M)
Up to €500k total investment available through institutional seed round
Increased chances of securing further investment rounds from NBT investors


The application phase will open again in July 2023
Step 1

We will review all appliactions carefully and reach out to schedule an interview if there is potential fit.

Step 2

During the initial 30-minute call, we try to understand your energy and drive to build a technology venture.

Step 3
Idea Insight

You will have further in-depth idea discussions with our leadership team before we make a selection.