For ambitous graduates - our summer camp is starting soon
When can I apply to the NBT Visionaries program?
We run three batches per year, and every batch has its application timeframe. In general, applications are opened two months before the start of the program. The next batch starts on the 1st of February, 2023. On this day, we will have the first digital get-together to get to know each other and start forming your vision.
Do I need an idea?
Yes, it would be best if you had an idea beforehand but don't feel you have to have a perfectly designed business plan or have all the answers before applying. We are an incubation program to help you build a technology startup from scratch, including validating and testing your idea on the market. If you don't have an idea but are interested in working as a potential co-founder, apply at the following link. We will add you to our founder pool and contact you when a suitable position opens up.
What if I have a team already?
That’s excellent news! Please let us know about your team and their roles and past experiences in your application - we look forward to meeting everyone.
Do I need to have a technical background?
No, you don’t need to have a technical background. We welcome all non-technical entrepreneurs with great technical ideas. As your technical co-founder, we back you up with all the resources and expertise needed to bring your vision to life and build your solution.
What are the industries and technologies you work with?
We are industry agnostic, but your business model needs to be B2B. Our technological focus areas include Industrial IoT, AI & Big Data, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, Smart Infrastructure, Robotics & Automation, M2M Communication, DLT & Blockchain, and Building Analysis.
What happens after I submit an application?
Once you've submitted your application, our team will review all submissions carefully and reach out to schedule an interview if there is a potential fit between your idea and the program. After we get to know each other better, we'll go into a little more specifics about your idea and clarify potential open questions on your part. If our interests align, we'll notify you to join the program via email.
Can I apply more than once?
Yes, if you have applied before and have not gotten it, but you have developed your idea further, we strongly encourage you to apply again. Your progress since your last application is a solid signal to us.
How long is the program?
The NBT Visionaries program last 3-months, typically between 12-14 weeks.
Can I take part of the program without moving to Berlin?
Yes, we are running all batches remotely with team members from across the globe because, amid the COVID-19 crisis, the safety of founders and our team is our top priority. Interviews, office hours, evening talks, demo days, and meetups throughout the batch are all taking place over video conferencing and on our online forum.
I have other commitments, so can I still join the program?
When you are selected to join, we would like a 100% commitment to being available for the entire 3-month program duration. Still, we also know this is not always possible, and it should not be a reason not to go ahead with your idea. Therefore, please select your possible availability in the application format, and afterward, we will find a suitable solution for everyone - so no headaches. You are not the only one.
How are you different from other incubators worldwide?
Next Big Thing is not the average incubator that you meet. We see ourselves as technical co-founders that bring deep technological capabilities, strategic knowledge, and dedicated resources to our ventures. We have created a holistic approach to entrepreneurship that focuses on the entire lifecycle of building a company through co-creation. We do this by providing long-term support to aspiring founders and bringing together the best technology experts in one place. Through rapid iterations, product-market fit, and manufacturing viability, we thoroughly validate each business idea to assess its impact and potential before scaling it up to success.
What’s the program deal?
During the program, each Visionary receives a testing budget of €5,000 and access to internal support services worth €15,000. At the same time, we start compensating your time so that you can fully focus on your idea. We pay €60,000 gross per year (pro-rata per month). On Demo Day, you will pitch to the NBT Investment Committee, and you have the chance to receive pre-seed funding and further hands-on support in the areas of Product, Design, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Legal & Venture Development.
What happens after the program?
Once you graduate, you’ll become part of the NBT Alumni Growth program, which provides you with continued access to a global ecosystem of future events and activities. Unlike other incubation programs, your journey does not need to end here. Next Big Thing has developed a unique approach to venture building. It provides operational and strategic support and capital to help you achieve significant scale and market-leading positions.
I have more questions!
Feel free to contact us at any time, and please use this mail.