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Summer Camp
What does it mean to be a Visionary?
As a Visionary, you will get the perfect playground to validate your idea rapidly and prototype your product at lightning speed. Together we will set a solid foundation to build and scale your deep-tech venture after the program.
Can I apply while still studying?
You can apply if you are in your final year of study but please consider your completion date. We offer a winner spot in our incubation program, starting in September. You then need to be available full-time starting in August and available to join the program afterward.
What does the timeline look like?
The program lasts 4 weeks, starting the 27th of July. · In the 1st week, you will ideate and research your idea with the support of the incubation team. · In the 2nd week, you will frame your problem and solution space and get coaching from the product team. · In the 3rd week, you will work with the finance team on your business model and size your market. · In the 4th week, you will learn how to pitch and build successful pitch decks with the incubation team On the last day of the program, you will pitch your idea in front of our investment committee and maybe win a spot in our Visionaries program.
Can I take part in the Summer Camp without moving to Berlin?
Yes, we are running the camp completely remotely with team members from across the globe. Evening talks, demo days, and meetups throughout the program are all taking place over video conferencing and on our online forum.
Is the summer camp free?
Yes, it's totally free of charge. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!