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A complete end-to-end AIoT platform for your business
Simple. Rapid. Scalable. Access the engine that’s powering digital business transformation. It’s the glue binding billions of machines together with the potential of seamless connectivity.
The NBT Machine Economy tech stack
Quickly turn your vision into reality with our sensor-based development platform for the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). From sensors to the final integration with industry-wide applications, we provide a complete package as a fundamental modular building block to build cutting-edge solutions.
Explore all layers
A complete end-to-end AIoT platform for your business
A platform that dramatically simplifies AIoT implementation
We provide integrated hardware with built-in business logic to launch solutions in days.
Unrivalled scalability
We reduce the complexity of new business models' critical validation and up-scaling phases.
Complete visibility
We securely provision, monitor, and control your IoT entities using rich server-side APIs.
Created by experts
We improve your AIoT core tech with world-class technology experts from top-tier companies.
We provide security by design and focus on trustworthiness within the data economy.
Seamless control
We enable streamline performance monitoring and rapidly adapt to changing conditions.
An operating system that abstracts complexity
We’ve done all the challenging infrastructure work for you so you can focus on building the product.
Customizable dashboards
Visualize your collected IoT data with built-in widgets and flexible dashboards for data mapping and modeling, and assign it to various customers.
AI-driven insights
Generate ML predictions to help enhance customer experiences, enable faster and better decision-making, and optimize operations.
An operating system that abstracts complexity
months average time to MVP (minimum viable product)
months average time to MMP (minimum marketable product)
fewer costs in solution design compared to internal development
Integrated hardware designed to scale quickly
Build powerful edge solutions with pre-integrated and pre-certified hardware to enter new markets.
Prototype to production
Prototype in days with our hardware development kits, or use our field-ready, industrial hardware modules for scale deployments.
Sensors to applications
Build your solutions based on fully integrated systems that value hardware and software developments in the system design.
Integrated hardware designed to scale quickly
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    Digital factory
    A factory where most of the equipment is connected has extraordinary performance compared to classical ones. Predictive maintenance, process automation, and optimization help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, increase asset lifetime, and give precise data to grow efficiency.
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