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Turn your tech ideas into reality

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The application phase will open again in July 2023

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The NBT Visionaries program gives remarkable founders a playground to rapidly validate their idea and build the next generation of ventures in the Machine Economy.
What is in for you?
As technical co-founder we give you an unfair edge from day one
Validate, build and scale your deep tech company at lightning-speed
Tailored guidance through hands-on coaching & masterclasses
Get expert product, design, sales, and engineering support
Gain access to top-tier talent, advisors, and industry partners
Receive up to €2M of total investment and in-house services
We are looking for entrepreneurial talents who want to turn their tech idea into reality
We support seasoned industry experts & entrepreneurs as well as ambitious graduates at the beginning of their deep tech venture journey - even before the company is founded. Bold individuals, not afraid to fail and eager to learn. Passionate leaders who drive and inspire teams. Comfortable in a remote setting as you can join the program from all over the world.
  • Have you just graduated and want to start your own business?
  • Do you need support on the way to start-up, technical and financial support, and the right network?

We guide you through the whole journey and provide you with hands-on support and runway capital.

Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Are you a seasoned entrepreneur looking for a technical co-founder for your next startup idea?
  • Do you want to expand your network in the industry?
  • Do you need to acquire technical proficiency?

We act as your technical co-founder and build and scale your product with you.

Industry Experts
  • Do you have deep vertical expertise and are interested in developing a solution for a real-life industry challenge that you have observed?
  • Do you need support in user experience design, marketing and sales?

We got you covered with our strong network of first-class mentors and in-house teams.

Our selection criteria
Founder Mindset
  • Ownership You have a rocksteady will to succeed and are fully committed to your idea.
  • Entrepreneurial Drive You have an innovative mind, a bias to action, and are impact-driven.
  • Humility & Resilience You are able to overcome obstacles and learn from your failures.
  • Teamwork & Leadership You like collaborating, inspiring, and convincing others to join your mission.
  • Big Vision You can easily picture the short and long-term goals of your business.
Bold IoT and AI Ideas
  • Ready to take off You are ready to take off with us into the machine economy with your innovative solution.
  • Shaping tomorrow You address the B2B challenges of tomorrow, e.g., in the industries of industrial manufacturing, energy, real estate, warehousing, and supply chain.
  • Rapid validation Your idea is at an early stage, and you want to go with us through concept validation and rapid prototyping.
  • Solving Problems You want to address a significant problem and address a huge market potential. 
What to expect

We are here to be your dream co-founder. We’ll help you navigate the idea maze, provide resources to accelerate concept validation, invest starting capital, and build your next-generation business model with multiple in-house experts. We also serve as a continuous thought partner as you prepare for launch.

Stage 1
Stage 1
Deep Dive

Define your industry challenge and conduct rigorous, in-depth market and user research to uncover pain points and white space opportunities around the area or sector you are interested in.

Capital and funding
Deal Terms
€75k provided for initial runway capital (at incorporation)
9-12 months of hands-on venture, product and tech support (worth €1.6M)
Up to €500k total investment available through institutional seed round
Increased chances of securing further investment rounds from NBT investors


The application phase will open again in July 2023
Step 1

We will review all appliactions carefully and reach out to schedule an interview if there is potential fit.

Step 2

During the initial 30-minute call, we try to understand your energy and drive to build a technology venture.

Step 3
Idea Insight

You will have further in-depth idea discussions with our leadership team before we make a selection.