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Visionaries Impact Challenge
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From January 24th to February 21st 2024
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Unleash your entrepreneurial expertise and create a powerful business idea in just 4 weeks with our part-time program.
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It’s all about getting started
Become an impact founder
Harness your entrepreneurial spirit and make a positive impact by choosing to tackle one of our six global challenges with or without an idea.
Use our proven playbook
Accelerate your venture journey with the support of our tech experts, leveraging our proven venture building process and product design playbook.
Receive tailored support
Work at your own pace with our flexible approach and receive assistance in product development, strategic planning, finance, and engineering.
Completely free of charge
We are proud to offer our program completely free of charge, ensuring accessibility and equal opportunities for all so that anyone can thrive.
Embrace 100% remote
Break free from geographical limitations and participate from anywhere in the world. Don't let location be a barrier to your engagement.
Win a wild card spot
Shape your idea into a 360° venture concept in four weeks and secure a spot in our 100-day incubation program starting in September.
  • Become an impact founder
    Harness your entrepreneurial spirit and make a positive impact by choosing to tackle one of our six global challenges with or without an idea.
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You're an industry expert ready to make an impact

  • Looking for more impact and responsibility in your career?
  • Unsure if the entrepreneurial way is the right path for you?
  • Seeking a partner for product, venture, and tech collaboration?
Discover your founder skills with full flexibility
Leverage your industry knowledge to create your own venture
Get expert support in the key areas of venture building

You're an entrepreneur poised for new ventures

  • Looking for ways to de-risk your entrepreneurial journey?
  • Searching for your next technical co-founder?
  • Lacking industry expertise and connections to succeed?
Build your technical product in less than 6 months
Use our vast tech capability in IoT, AI and sensor technology
Bridge the gap between technology and sustainability
How do we recognize great founder potential?
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    Exploration catalyst
    You want to unlock the full potential of your expertise and explore innovative solutions to the complex global challenges of our time.
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Who can apply for the Impact Challenge?
You have relevant industry or entrepreneurial experience
You can dedicate at least 5-10 hours per week to the program
You are eager to make the leap into the entrepreneurial realm
You have a strong leadership ability and are fluent in English
In our 4-week Impact Challenge you will get hands-on expert-support to turn your tech ideas into a robust venture concept

Week 1
Week 1

Kick-start the impact challenge and engage with the incubation team to delve deeper into case discovery or research for your idea.

Choose among our six challenges
Resource Efficient Manufacturing
Resource Efficient Manufacturing

Optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste generation in the production process to enhance environmental impact and efficiency.

Resp. Food & Beverage Production
Resp. Food & Beverage Production

Promoting healthy and sustainable food choices, reducing food waste, and improving supply chain efficiency through new production processes.

Smart Cities & Green Mobility
Smart Cities & Green Mobility

Using technology and data to improve the sustainability and livability of cities, while also promoting sustainable modes of transportation.

Biodiversity & Nature Protection
Biodiversity & Nature Protection

Protecting natural resources and biodiversity via ecosystem monitoring, impact reduction, climate change mitigation and green industry practices.

Sustainable Supply Chain & Logistics
Sustainable Supply Chain & Logistics

Designing products and processes that promote reuse, reducing waste, increasing recycling, and enhancing transparency in supply chains.

Wild Card Topic
Wild Card Topic

Apply with your own B2B tech idea that leverages IoT and AI, and make a meaningful contribution to creating a positive impact for the planet.

Join the Impact Challenge

Selection steps - Application Closed
Step 1
Choose Challenge

Apply with or without your own business idea and choose among our 6 different challenges.

Step 2
Get Interviewed

After a get to know call and a short case assessment, we will select the best talents for the program!

Step 3
Build Your Venture

After being selected you can start the camp with us on July 25th to turn your tech idea into reality.

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Celia Rimpot
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